Bio – Anuja is a Ayurveda physician based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. After completing her Bachelors in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery, she went on to finish her Post graduate Diploma in Panchkarma. She has practiced medicine in various hospitals and Ayurveda clinics in India and successfully ran her own Panchkarma centre in Mumbai, India. Besides, Ayurveda her other interests include Medical Acupuncture and Acupressure- Foot reflexology.

TOPIC: Ayurvedic Nutrition for Pregnancy & Postpartum

SYNOPSIS: The importance of food and nutrition is possibly the most accentuated in these stages of a woman’s life. It holds the key, to basic foundation of the being, in terms of Dosha, Prakruti and Vikruti .The food, not only nourishes the growing fetus, but also helps the pregnant woman sustain her health and cope with the changes going on in her body. Ayurveda clearly defines the different stages of the fetus, as well as the foods to be introduced to the baby month by month. It also defines the do’s and don’ts for the women during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy during postpartum, to help avoid aggravating doshas. Hence, this topic holds the key to understand oneself and the right precautions to be taken during this most vulnerable stage of life.

Vd. Anuja Mahajan

BAMS, PG Dip (Panchakarma)
Ayurvedic Nutrition for Pregnancy & Postpartum