The Organization

About AAC

The Ayurvedic Association of Canada is federally registered not-for-profit organization representing Ayurveda in Canada.

  • The Birth of AAC

    Prior to 2017, a huge void was felt in Ayurvedic community for a common platform in Canada to share ideas as well as support and grow the science.Thus AAC was established in May 2017 as common voice for Ayurveda in Canada; support and represent all the diverse groups dedicated to promoting Ayurveda in Canada- Ayurveda enthusiasts who were keen on embracing this wonder ful science as well as Ayurvedic practitioners and AyurvedicVaidyas.
    AAC began as an idea in early 2017 to unite and support the Ayurvedic community and bring the entire Ayurvedic community under a single umbrella interest as well as uphold the authenticity of Ayurvedic Medicine.
    It was created to support and empower the Ayurvedic community; right from enthusiasts seeking Ayurveda to trained Ayurveda professionals who were keen on practicing and spreading this wonderful science.So whether you are an Ayurvedic student, a practitioner, a supplement manufacturer or a simply someone interested in Ayurveda for personal healing AAC is designed to support you all
    And today in less than a year since its birth the AAC boasts of over 200 members, representation in 5 Canadian provinces as well as a successful ‘Ayurveda Conference Toronto 2017’ that was the biggest Ayurvedic event in the entire Canada.

  • Vision

    To unite Ayurveda in Canada and make it accessible to one and all.

  • Mission

    To nurture the growth and presence of Ayurveda in Canada and empower the Ayurvedic community.


Our Goals

  • To be the official voice of Ayurveda in Canada.
  • To strengthen and empower the entire Ayurvedic community by bringing everyone under a single umbrella.
  • To promote Ayurveda in Canada, through various awareness programs and community involvement.
  • To support the needs Ayurvedic community by developing various educational and training programs for creating a stronger base of Ayurvedicpractitoners and AyurvedicVaidyas.
  • To establish and maintain standards of education, ethics, professional competency and licensing.
  • To provide a secure point of reference to the consumers and safeguard patient/ consumer interest.
  • To present Ayurvedic medicine to government and non-governmental organisations.
  • To partner with practitioners of natural medicine in Canada to promote Ayurveda.