Protect and Promote Immunity with Ayurveda

Protect and Promote Immunity with Ayurveda

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07 May 2020 Book Online

In the current crisis, there is a lot of talk and guidelines about building your immunity. Nurturing our immunity is an important part of preparing against any infection. However, there is not enough discussion on things that impair your immunity, including certain foods, ways in which foods are consumed and other lifestyle choices which you may have never associated with your immunity.

Join Pratibha Shah, Doctor of Ayurveda, to learn the key things that impair as well as things that improve our immunity, our own personal army which is critically important to protect and promote at this time.

Pratibha Shah, BAMS, MD (Ayurveda), MPH, is an internationally renowned Ayurveda** expert. Intensely trained in Traditional Health Sciences (Ayurveda, Energy healing) as well as Public Health, Pratibha Shah distils Eastern wisdom with an understanding of Western principles, for the best care of her clients. A strong sense of compassion and empathy, intent listening skills, in-depth thorough assessments, and well contemplated individualized Master Wellness plans are a hallmark of her 30 years of practice. Client-centric Compassionate Care defines her best!

Time: May 7, 2020, 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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