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I have completed my bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery from a reputable university in India. I also have a diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy.

After completing my bachelors I worked for sometime in a Ayurvedic hospital as a resident medical councillor while also supporting the radio diagnostic department there. I also got my training in ultrasonography while working at the hospital. Later, I studied business administration and worked in a multi-speciality hospital as an administrator along with pursuing my Ayurvedic practice. I worked in coordination with other doctors practicing modern medicines focusing mainly on the holistic approach towards the well being of a patient/person that includes lifestyle, diet, yogasanas beside Ayurvedic medicines.

I have worked as a health councillor in association with a Non-Profit Organization that worked to provide primary healthcare to school going children. I completing my degree as a Registered Massage Therapist after moving to Canada. Right now I am working as a Massage Therapist in a clinic along with focusing on Ayurvedic counselling.


Certificate Number: AP121491