Natasha Kulikov

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Natasha Kulikov

Natasha Kulikow is a Russian-born teacher of Hatha and Functional Movement yoga, based in Toronto.

She has been practicing yoga since 2000 and graduated in 2008 from her first Yoga Teacher Training, where she discovered the ancient Indian science of life -Ayurveda- and became familiar with its basic concepts. After applying her newly found knowledge of principles of Ayurveda and adjusting her lifestyle, Natasha experienced and realized the power of Ayurveda. It was life-changing and has sparked her interest in learning more which became her life-long passion. Since then, she took courses and workshops to study the science of life in depth, read books and travelled to India to get authentic Ayurvedic treatments.

Natasha uses her knowledge of Ayurveda teaching public and private yoga classes.

“Ayurveda is my guide to living a life in balance, to feeling joyful, radiant and beautiful.”