Ayurveda Management of Neurological Disease – Perspectives and Experience

Ayurveda Management of Neurological Disease – Perspectives and Experience

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04 Jun 2020 Book Online

Aging as per Ayurveda literature is associated with gradual degenerative changes that affect all organ systems of the human body. This is regarded as a physiological change; however, accelerated aging is considered pathological. The symptoms seen are attributed to an imbalance in the Tridosha, chiefly governed by Vata dosha. Hence, the diseases of Vata dosha are more likely to affect the elderly. The pathologic process that underlies the progression of the disease is either depletion of tissue elements or occlusion of the pathways. A unique phenomenon that can explain the complexity of neurodegenerative conditions as per Ayurveda is avarana (physical/functional encapsulation) wherein the dosha are incapacitated such that there is hyper/hypo functioning of these bio-entities. Treatment approaches too are hence multimodal and require complex Panchakarma interventions complemented by suitable internal medications that include medicated fats, decoctions, powders and pills.

The webinar will describe the Ayurveda perspective of neurological illnesses and the practitioner’s clinical and research experiences in its management.

Sriranjini Jaideep MD (Ayurveda), PhD (NIMHANS)

Wellness Consultant, Sevayu and Freelance Research Consultant, Mississauga, Canada