Ayurveda Conference Toronto 2018

Ayurveda Conference Toronto 2018

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The upcoming Ayurveda Association of Canada Conference is now set for Nov 17-18 2018

***Ayurveda Conference Toronto 2018 – Ayurved: Food & Nutrition***

Ahara Brahma Iti ! Taittariya Upanishad

Food is the indeed the Supreme Creator. It is the one that nourishes as well as sustains us. The food you eat is intimately connected with your body, mind as well as your spirit. And Ayurveda recognizes it as the first of the three pillars that your health depends on.

To highlight the importance of Food and Nutrition in both Health and Disease, we are delighted to announce the theme of Ayurveda Conference Toronto 2018 as ‘Ayurveda Food: Nutrition’.

The conference will take place on Nov 17-18 2018 in Toronto, Ontario. We are also super excited to announce Ayurveda Practitioner Forum on Nov 16 exclusive for AAC members.

We are open for registrations. Register by clicking the link below

Ayurveda Conference Toronto 2018