BioI studied Ayurveda for 3 years in Canada, earning a DNM® (doctorate of natural medicine) and graduated from medical school at McGill University where I earned my medical degree (doctor of medicine M.D.). My journey took me to South Africa and South India to work in HIV/AIDS medicine. I worked with patients with complex conditions, including cancer, rare diseases, unknown diagnoses, and mental health conditions; focusing on medical guidance and advocacy. Melding Ayurveda with modern medical expertise, while holding true to the ancient practice, I focus on your unique nature and strengths to facilitate your own body to heal. I treat many physical, mental and emotional conditions/imbalances with Ayurvedic medicine, including mental health conditions and cancer. Striving to heal patients by integrating the precision of western medicine and the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda has become my life’s work.

Dr. Meera Pandompatam

BSc, MD, DNM®- Ayurvedic Practitioner & Medical Liaison